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Bam Margera knocked out by Icelandic rappers in scuffle at Secret Solstice Festival

West Chester’s Bam Margera was reportedly attacked by a group of Icelandic rappers this weekend at the Secret Solstice Festival.

West Chester's Bam Margera was reportedly attacked by a group of Icelandic rappers this weekend at Iceland's Secret Solstice Festival.

Margera was attending the festival when, according to local media, he began to harass female security guards when attempting to enter a production area.

That apparently garnered the attention of the Glacier Mafia, a band Vice says was formed by "Gisli Palmi, a multi-million-dollar-son of one of the richest Icelanders," which in turn lead to the attack.

Stateside, however, it's a bit of a different story. A rep for Margera told TMZ that Bam was simply in a "really weird condition" at the time of the incident. Additionally, that rep claims that Margera did not harass any security guards, but rather "two women who were blocking him."

Margera himself, meanwhile, said in a statement to Visir News following the fight that a "scumbag" attached to the festival attacked him, and it had nothing to do with those two women, whatever their role. That "scumbag" is apparently former publicist Leon Hill, who Margera says he attempted to prank shortly before the attack.

Margera's statement is below:

"None of this has anything to do with the Secret Solstice Festival, or any girls, or anybody yelling at anything. It has to do with Leon Hill working for Secret Solstice.

I found this out two years ago: That motherf---er started a YouTube channel for me and a few other people. His scam is he tells all the people that he's working for that the other person's getting more hits and they got the money. So when we all got together and figured that out, that's how Leon Hill becomes a self-made millionaire.

So when I said, 'Leon Hill, here's a Rolling Stone interview for you,' I had my friend do it. And he comes up thinking it's a Rolling Stone interview just to find me, so him and his boys beat the f---ing s--- out of me.

It has nothing to do with anything else except for Leon Hill. He's a scumbag. Watch out."

Margera has also begun posting on social media about the incident, telling Hill that "bad karma is coming to you":

In another video posted to Instagram, Margera also claims that "I don't know any of those Icelandic rappers" and that Hill "made them kick the s--- out of" him:

A video posted by Bam Margera (@bam__margera) on Jun 22, 2015 at 9:10am PDT