An unnamed Bill Cosby accuser will testify today before Nevada State Assembly to support legislation that aims to eliminate the state's statutes of limitations for rape crimes. Several of the allegations against Cosby involve Las Vegas and Reno entertainment venues.

The accuser will testify alongside attorney Gloria Allred, who represents several women who allege sexual assault against the embattled comedian. Currently, Nevada's laws require sexual assaults to be reported within four years of the attack, and the legislation being considered is the first of its kind in any state since the ongoing throng of accusations against Cosby began to arise.

"It is long overdue for the law to be changed so that victims are able to have their day in court with sexual predators," Allred told The Washington Times. "And for victims not to have the courthouse door slammed in their face because of laws which protect sexual predators."

Allred previously challenged Cosby to waive the protection of current statute of limitations laws and prove his innocence in a court, which the comedian declined. As it stands, many claims against Cosby cannot be legally investigated due to those statutes.

Accusers including Angela Leslie, Heidi Thomas, and Barbara Bowman made allegations around events that they say took place in either Las Vegas or Reno.

Allred, however, likely faces an uphill battle. Via The Washington Times:

"I think where it becomes dangerous are cases where people are actually innocent," said Bryan Brown, a prominent criminal defense attorney in Washington.

"When you're dealing with innocent people, the more time that goes on the harder it is for the accused to establish a defense that shows they are innocent. The more time that goes on, the harder it gets to track down witnesses because they don't remember as well. Try and think who you were with on a particular night at a particular time four years ago. … How would you go back and determine where the accuser was?" 

Since November last year, more than 30 women have accused Cosby of sexual assault. Cosby, who has not been charged in any of the cases, has issued denials through his reps.

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