Over the weekend, director Judd Apatow tweeted out a series of statements condemning embattled comedian Bill Cosby, saying that only "one in a hundred thousand people support" Cosby. Yesterday, however, Black-ish creator Kenya Barris fired back at Apatow, calling the director's social media campaign against Cosby "strangely obsessive."

Whereas most apparent public defenses of Cosby, like those from Whoopi Goldberg or Jill Scott, have been strongly focused, Barris also takes Apatow to task for both his treatment of Cosby and black men in his own films. However, Barris does make it clear that he is "not defending" Cosby "at all," despite much of the argument in that regard hinging on the possibility that Cosby is innocent.

As per Barris' tweets:

Barris went on to clarify again that he is not defending Cosby, writing "F--- him. Seriously. Just take equal shots at all the demons and stop showing the most f----- off 1 sided view of black people n every thing you ever do."

Interestingly, though, Barris seemed to allow bygones be bygones before wrapping up his screed against Apatow's depictions of black characters with a compliment:

Apatow, meanwhile, has not yet responded publicly to Barris.