Former reality TV star Jon Gosselin has been keeping busy lately with his new DJ career, and though he's settling into that gig only recently, it looks like he's considering yet another career: Pennsylvania state representative. Previously, he held positions as a waiter, solar panel installer, and app developer.

"I'm contemplating running for office," Gosselin told OK! Magazine this week. "Like political office, so I have a meeting, but I'm still hesitant on that because I'm more intimidated, even though politics is kind of like entertainment."

When asked what office he's eyeing, the Reading resident reveals he'd like a crack at being a state rep.

"But I haven't made a formal announcement yet, but I have to soon," he said. "Actually I have to make an official announcement by January of next year because they are two-year terms."

However, despite his consideration for political office, Gosselin insists that DJing remains "pretty much my primary job right now." The man's political aspirations remain on the backburner, meanwhile, because "there's a lot of stuff I have to put in place."

Earlier this month, Gosselin kicked off his newly minted DJ career with an essentially audience-participation-free gig at a New Jersey bowling alley. Which, of course, begs the question of how Gosselin would get people to vote — a notoriously difficult task in Pennsylvania — if he couldn't get them to hop on a beat.

"I have to be more patient and let my dreams turn into ideas," Gosselin told People magazine of his new DJ career in January. "I'm tired of job hopping."

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