Locally, we Philadelphians consider drinking Yuengling more or less a birthright, like hoagiemouth, or picking your favorite cheesesteak. But, as it turns out, much of America loves it, too — so much so that it is America's 19th most popular beer.

The booze hounds over at Vinepair recently compiled a map showing both the most popular beer in the world and in the U.S. alone, with Yuengling beating out breweries like Sam Adam, Sierra Nevada, and Dogfish Head to make the latter list. And not only that, but it also outranked the inexplicably popular Bud Lite Straw-Ber-Rita, which placed at number 20.

Sadly, though, America's overall number one beer is Bud Light, which had roughly $6 billion in sales last year:

The U.S. beer industry pulls down roughly $100 billion per year, of which about 15 percent belongs to the craft beer segment. It is within that segment that Yuengling earned the $246,673,600 it pulled in last year in sales. And at around $22 a case, that's a ton of beer — and given that Yuengling is distributed in just 17 states and D.C., that accomplishment is all the more impressive.

But despite its popularity, Yuengling obviously still has its critics. Late last year, in fact, Deadspin called the brew "Pennsylvania's liquid scourge."

Which, of course, is fine. More for us.