Generally speaking, April Fool's Day turns the Internet into a wasteland of bad humor and poor attempts at trickery. But, every so often, a good prank comes along — and in Philly, a lot of them revolve around food.

We are, after all, a city that is (for better or worse) most readily associated with a sandwich. One that, despite our apparent blue-collar nature, is considered one of the best cities for food snobs. Or, if beer is your thing, we're pretty well known for that, too.

It's all a lot of pressure, of course, so it should come as no surprise that we collectively blow some steam off on the jokiest day of the year. Below, our favorite Philly food pranks from this year's April Fool's Day:

DiBruno Bros. Cheese Cologne

As their April Fools' prank, the cheesemongers at DiBruno Bros. "debuted" a cheese-scented cologne, which seems to play off the real, not-a-joke cheeseburger cologne Burger King announced earlier this year.

As many commenters noted on Twitter, DiBruno's "Eau de Fromage" scent would be most easily describable as "nauseating." This being Philly, though, the idea did find some support:

Pinnacle's Cheesesteak Vodka 

Pinnacle Vodka today is sending around an apparent line of new vodkas that included flavors like salmon, deep-dish pizza, and, naturally, cheesesteak. They probably could have fooled us with that last one, but FoodBeast ruined the gag for them late last night by breaking an embargo. Really, though, they weren't fooling anyone:

This one, however, might be a good one to put into production. After all, we typically don't get to have a cheesesteak until after a long night of drinking — this way, we could multitask.

Drink Philly Founder Addicted to Ginger Ale 

With more than 20,000 Twitter followers, Drink Philly is one of the best-read food and drink blogs in the Philadelphia area. So, naturally, you'd assume that founder Adam Schmidt knows a thing or two about knocking some beers back.

And, according to Geekadelphia's prank, you'd be wrong. Geekadelphia today is pranking us with the scoop that Schmidt has a "ginge drinking" problem, and has been slugging dyed ginger ale rather than beer all this time. And, as Schmidt notes in a mock interview, it is an "important issue."

But perhaps not as serious as cheesesteak vodka. Seriously, let's get that distilling ASAP.