Presidential candidate and professional bloviator Donald Trump recently took some time away from discussing himself to address the Bill Cosby scandal, saying that the comedian is not only "looking guilty," but is "guilty as hell."

Trump made his statements to WABC on Friday amid his own ongoing scandal around comments he made regarding Mexican immigrants. So, naturally, Cosby's ongoing situation allowed The Donald to take some pressure off of himself.

"I've never liked him," Trump told host Rita Cosby (no relation). "I've known him; I've never liked him. I think he was a highly overrated guy — both in talent and in many other ways. And who would think that this would have happened?"

Trump also believes Cosby's Presidential Medal of Freedom ought to be revoked, though President Obama recently addressed that by saying there was no precedent to take it away. Still, though, Trump doesn't see things getting any better.

"All of a sudden, last week, with the court case, where it was unveiled that he actually did this horrible thing," Trump said. "So I don't know. I've never been a fan. I think he's guilty as hell. I mean, he's looking guilty. And that last week's event was very bad for him where they had the sealed documents unsealed."

Cosby, for his part, has never been charged with a crime in connection with the dozens of assault allegations against him. He has issued repeated denials through his representatives.