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Don’t just drum on your steering wheel, turn your steering wheel into a drum

We’re all guilty, now and again, of having a John Bonham moment in the car.

We're all guilty, now and again, of having a John Bonham moment in the car. Instead of settling for the dull thunk of the steering wheel and dashboard, why not play something that sounds a little more legit?

"Reinventing the Wheel," developed by a company called Smack Attack, is a plastic doodad that fits over your steering wheel to turn it into a drum synthesizer and pump the sounds out through your stereo. Wired UK says:

"The cover fits any steering wheel and has eight different sensors corresponding to eight different percussive sounds, including bass, snare, tom-tom, cymbals and a cowbell. It links up with an iPhone app via Bluetooth so you can play along to any of the music you have stored. Budding steerwheel drummers can choose to listen to the drumming through earphones, mini speakers or wirelessly through the car stereo using an FM transmitter. With newer cars, where there is a line in, iPhones can be plugged straight in.

The product was developed by Gregor "G-Man" Hanuschak, former Nasa aerospace engineer and frontman of a "nerdpop" band called Zen Finger Painting. Hanuschak finds his own invention so compelling that he has quit his job at Nasa to launch his business."

If your friends and loved ones think you're annoying on long car rides now, they ain't seen nothing yet. [Wired UK]