The feud between Meek Mill and Drake continued to escalate on Monday night, with the Toronto rapper closing out OVO Fest amid a slew of Meek Mill memes and guest appearances.

However, the whole thing really started several hours before Drake's set after he was spotted wearing a "Free Meek Mill" T-shirt at soundcheck:

As for the performance itself, Drizzy began with both of his released Meek Mill diss tracks — "Charged Up" and "Back to Back" — performed alongside a slideshow of images skewering his rap rival playing in the background. From there, the aggressive tone of the set was established.

And it was glorious:

Fellow Meek Mill rival Norm Kelly even made an appearance:

Drake also gave Meek Mill a participation award for his "Wanna Know" diss track, and noted that the Philly rapper "did it to [himself]":

Kanye West and Pharrell later joined Drake for a performance before the rapper closed out his set with a performance of "R.I.C.O." — the collaboration track that started the whole feud.

But the real gold happened backstage, with Kanye West joining Drake and Philly's own Will Smith to take in some of those Meek Mill memes more closely:

Meek Mill, meanwhile, posted an image of himself cleaning his teeth to Instagram last night:

A photo posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on Aug 3, 2015 at 6:33pm PDT

Yup, this one is over.