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Everything you need to know about Texas state Senator Wendy Davis

Texas state Senator Wendy Davis became a rock star on Tuesday night.

Texas state Senator Wendy Davis became a rock star on Tuesday night. In a successful attempt to kill an abortion bill, Davis filibustered for 11 hours before all hell broke loose in the Texas Senate chamber. Protesters clammored in support of state Senator Davis and, in the waning moments of Tuesday night, the Republicans in Texas' state Senate were unable to pass the anti-abortion bill that would have been one of the toughest such measures in the country.

Though the protesters and other politicians involved have garnered some coverage in the press, it's undoubtedly Senator Wendy Davis who's captured the spotlight in wake of Tuesday's political circus. The 50-year-old Democrat and mother of two previously served on Fort Worth's city council. Now, she represents Texas' District 10 in the state Senate. Here's everything you need to know about Texas state Senator Wendy Davis.

Note: The video at the bottom shows state Senator Davis describing her childhood and background. It's so Americana that it almost sounds fake.

At 14, Wendy Davis was working part-time to help support her single mother and her three siblings. [Wendy Davis]

She worked at an Orange Julius when she was a teenager. [NY Times]

By 19, she had been married and divorced and was a single mother raising her baby daughter in a mobile home. [USA Today]

State Senator Wendy Davis attended Tarrant County College for two years and went on to finish first in her class at TCU. [The Atlantic Wire]

She went to Harvard Law. [CNN]

In 2009, Texas Monthly selected her as the Rookie of the Year in their legislative awards package. [Texas Monthly]

This wasn't her first filibuster. Back in 2011, Senator Davis went all Jimmy Stewart to kill a school finance and revenue bill. [Texas Tribune]

The Voting Rights Act probably saved her Senate seat because GOP leaders tried to split up her district back in 2011. Senator Davis fought the measure in federal court. [HuffPo]

Her office was firebombed earlier this year. A mentally unstable man has been charged for allegedly throwing a bag filled with six Molotov cocktails at her door. [Texas Tribune]

Senator Davis intends to run for re-election in 2014. [Star-Telegram]

She rocked bright pink Mizuno running shoes during the filibuster. [NY Post]

Yes, she's on Pinterest and, yes, she can help you plan your summer cocktail menu. [Pinterest]

She's not that actress from Army Wives. [IMDB]