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Forget the fox; What's the Phanatic say?

The Phillies have brightened the holiday season with, "What's the Phanatic say?", a parody of Ylvis' "What does the fox say?"

If you've been searching for a silver lining to the Phillies' dreadful 2013 season, you may have just gotten your Christmas wish. And who better to cheer us up than that right jolly old beast in holiday red and green, the Phillie Phanatic?

On Friday, the Phillies released their own take on this year's YouTube sensation, "What Does the Fox Say?" with a parody video, "What's the Phanatic say?" The video features the most dancing mascots since the Harlem Shake, including a hawk, an owl, a wildcat, and a dragon from City 6 colleges.

The focal point of the video of course, is the beloved Phillie Phanatic, whose actions always speak louder than his words. His mysterious anatomy becomes a topic of musing by Matt Mehler, a "friend of the Phanatic," who leads a group of Phillies employees dancing in familiar Phanatic dangle hats.

Enjoy the video below, and let us know what you think the Phanatic says.