UPDATE: The Buffalo Bills released a statement Thursday evening in response to McCoy's party invite.

"We have reached out to LeSean and informed him that players are not permitted to use team marks for personal use without prior permission from the team," the statement said.

LeSean also removed the original Instagram post, which is screenshot below.

Original post continues below.

This shocking and quite frankly creepy party invite on Instagram from former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is currently sweeping (and scaring the crap out of) the Internet – ecspecially women.

Wait, what?!

Yes, the party is real and, yes, he really does mean ladies ONLY. Damian Jordan, McCoy's publicist, confirmed the private event is going down this Sunday.

The questionable wording of "FEMALES ONLY 21+ A MUST" on the invite has created complete and utter chaos.

"This is 100 percent a private party at a private location. We are being very selective with who we invite. We don't want a bunch of random guys he doesn't know showing up," Jordan said over the phone.

That seems like a legitimate reason, right? Jordan noted that with all of McCoy's followers, kids included, the wording on the invite was strictly for sorting purposes, meaning they want to avoid sifting through tons of random emails. Jordan said guests who attend will be required to sign some form of agreement.

Just to confirm, it is not a party for women and only McCoy. Jordan said male friends of McCoy's will be there; they just want to be extra careful.

Obviously we were fascinated by the invite, so we sent an RSVP to see what happens. Here's the automated response we recieved:

1. Please Submit Full name (As seen on ID) 21+ is a MUST *ID's Will be CHECKED for Admission 

2. Please Submit 1 Picture AND Provide Social Media information I.E. Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 

3. Upon Entry Patrons will be asked for ID's and to Sign Confidentiality agreement.

4. There are NO PLUS 1's Everyone MUST individually RSVP to event

5. Upon confirmation Email you will receive Pick up/ Drop off Location and Attire.  

Given that McCoy is a public figure, he's new to the Buffalo Bills squad this year and training camp is around the corner, these strict rules kind of make sense. Still, the "FEMALES ONLY" is a bit off-putting.

And the jokes start rolling in...