It seems the City of Brotherly Love may have added a surprise, last-minute candidate to the list of mayoral hopefuls. This morning around 7 a.m. on the 19th anniversary of the "Good Day Philadelphia" morning news program, co-anchor Mike Jerrick announced his bid for mayor.

Not only was this declaration met with constituent support, but Jerrick garnered some huge endorsements only an hour after the broadcast announcement in which Philly's current mayor, Mayor Michael Nutter, stopped by to show his support.

"Well," Nutter began, "I mean, it's 'hashtag Mike for Mayor.' I can support that." Though Nutter did raise a few concerns about the TV personality-turned-politician's experience — "You've not articulated anything of substance about the issues, which I know will be a challenge for you," Nutter said — he ultimately left the program lending his support to the beloved Philadelphia co-host. And he wasn't alone.

Jerrick also has a national pull. Occasionally our Jerrick anchors "Fox & Friends Weekend" in New York City so his mayoral announcement, now trending nationally with #MikeforMayor on Twitter, has expanded far beyond the reaches of the city.

Locally, constituent support seems to make Jerrick is a shoo-in for the City Hall office.

His campaign team is gearing up.

Jerrick's potential "Good Day Philadelphia" departure has some folks up in arms like this wise grade-schooler:

Twitter user Christian Hetrick is not having it:

But mostly some people are just going to miss him on air:

Of course, there couldn't be a FOX 29 announcement without some focus being on Jerrick's co-host Alex Holley.

Though armed with a very well-produced campaign advertisement, there are still some FOX 29 viewers who aren't sure whether today's date, April 1, has anything to do with Jerrick's sudden, unexpected political move.

Despite all Jerrick's VIP endorsements, a few FOX 29 viewers couldn't be tricked on this April Fools' Day.