Shortly before the final second ticked 2012 into history, a guy named Reese met a girl named Katie in Hong Kong. She had been separated from her friends and was in tears. According to Reese's claims, he spent the night trying to cheer Katie up with his crappy sense of humor as they played in traffic and shared drinks before reconnecting with her group of pals.

As Reese and Katie parted ways with dawn looming, Reese says that his new friend asked him to "find" her to revisit their brief encounter.

Now, with another year set to fade into oblivion, Reese has turned to the Internet for help tracking Katie down. He posted on Facebook appealing for help and offering the few details he has to go on...

1. Her photo.

2. Her name is Katie (that's not necessarily how it's spelled).

3. She's from "D.C." He assumes that means Washington.

4. Her email address has contains some form of the phrase "kitty cat" or something like it.

As of Thursday at noon, Reese's invitation had been shared with more than 14,000 people.

If i haven't lost you, and you've managed to finish what is rapidly becoming a novella, I would like to once again ask for your assistance.
Spread the word
Spread it far and wide
I know the odds *shakes both fists*
but I honestly don't care
It's worth a try and if the fear of failure stops you from starting, then you've already lost.

So if this "social network" is all it's cracked up to be, let's see if there's a little magic for this lost boy.


Reese McKee
Drunken optimist
Terrible dancer and
Frequently lost boy

God speed, Reese. You should probably bring a mixtape, or something. [h/t Gawker, Facebook]