If you didn't already know, Yelp has a function that allows you to filter reviews based on content. A perfect example of how to properly use this feature comes from The Atlantic, which went ahead and made hipster maps for some of the world's largest cities.

Because a substantial part of being a hipster is consuming hip stuff, Yelp turns out to be a great way to discover where the hipsters are. I've long employed this trip to find the kind of coffee I like (shout out to Bicycle Coffee, Oakland) by searching "hipster" in the relevant category, but it turns out that Yelp can also serve up heat maps of hipster concentrations, based on the words used in reviews.

Below, you'll find a map of Philly's hipsters based on Yelp reviews containing the word "hipster." Unsurprisingly, the hotbeds are centered over NoLibs/Fishtown and East Passyunk, where you can find hipsters in their natural habitat (aka record stores and indie coffee joints). [The Atlantic]