Former weatherman-turned-real estate agent John Bolaris' Twitter took an interesting turn Saturday afternoon when he began tweeting rapper Kanye West about a house.

In early August, Bolaris, 58, announced his career switch, saying, "When you're making a new direction in life, the best way to succeed is to go with what you love, and real estate is my other passion."  Around the same time, the Inquirer reported Bolaris acquired a listing for a Long Island property that is apparently the estate on which F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote "The Great Gatsby."

Bolaris tweeted that he'd officially landed the property Saturday afternoon.

That, my friends, is the house Bolaris seems sure megastars Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian will adore. He sent a series of tweets directed to West and urged his own followers to direct tweets at West about the listing.

Bolaris said the entire 14-acre estate is selling for $58 million. As of today, his requests for West's attention have gone unrequited but in West's defense, this is a busy week for him. New York Fashion Week, to be exact.

And Bolaris isn't just all work and no play, either. Just last week he tweeted a photo of himself and LuAnn "The Countess" de Lesseps of  "The Real Housewives of New York City" just  "hanging."