Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad may have applauded New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's recent veto of a bill that would ban pig gestation crates in the Garden State, but The Daily Show's Jon Stewart isn't having any of it.

"Your choice was either listening to the nearly unanimous voice of the people that elected you," Stewart said, laying into Christie a second time over the pig crate issue, "or saying 'f--- them,' and kowtowing to a state 1,000 miles away in exchange for, let's be honest, the slimmest chance for political gain in a caucus you're not going to win."

The pig crate bill, as you may remember, received high levels of public support and quickly passed through both legislative chambers in New Jersey. Christie, of course, vetoed the bill following a promise to Iowa farmers that the bill would not make it past his desk earlier this year. Iowa, for the record, has around 20 million pigs.

"Sir, you're not winning," Stewart said last night. "Let the pigs turn around."

Earlier this month, Stewart took Christie to task over his promise to veto the bill, saying that Christie would "veto a bill almost unanimously supported by the people of New Jersey" for no other reason than to "advance his personal political goals."

Christie, for his part, has long touted himself as a governor of the people, saying in one news clip used by The Daily Show that he "always put the people of New Jersey and my oath ahead of petty personal politics."