On Tuesday, actress and Allentown native Amanda Seyfried stopped by "The Daily Show," to tout her upcoming movie, "While We're Young." During the interview she talked about her "Annie" on Broadway audition — an awful one that took place in Philadelphia.

Things went downhill for the City of Brotherly Love from there.

Jon Stewart, who grew up in central New Jersey, in an effort to console the Hollywood starlet, assured her that it's "everything in Philadelphia, really. It's not just auditions." Though he tried to clean it up by clarifying that his wife is from Philadelphia, the bad Philadelphia seed was already sown, and Seyfried replied, "That's too bad."

Of course, there can't be a conversation about Philadelphia without including sports. Luckily Seyfried, despite her close proximity to the city, didn't keep up with sports at all. That didn't stop Stewart from a short trip down memory lane about his time as a bartender in Trenton.

"The huge divide in New Jersey is, if you are from Northern Jersey or down through part of Central Jersey," Stewart said, "you're all New York teams. If you're south of that, you're all Philly teams. And so the bar I worked at was just fistfights."

Coupled with its reputation for hosting "a wildly eclectic mix of hardcore, post-punk, indie, ska, hip-hop and metal," and that one time Stewart had to subdue a guy with a gun, no doubt Stewart's time at Trenton's City Gardens was an eventful one.