Remember that time Kevin Bacon got ripped off by Bernie Madoff? Kevin Bacon does, and he and his wife, actress Kyra Sedgwick, took the whole thing in stride.

"There were so many people who got hit so much harder than us," Bacon told GQ magazine. "We knew we were going to have each other and our kids were OK."

What Bacon is referring to is the time he and his family were victims of Madoff's infamous $50 billion Ponzi scheme, for which he was sentenced to 150 years behind bars.

Despite losing an amount of money that Bacon has disclosed only as "a lot of f------ money," the couple has managed to count their blessings, a sentiment Bacon echoed in a 2011 Howard Stern interview about the incident.

There's other people who had it a lot worse," Bacon said then. "We can both work."

After Madoff made off (sorry!) with Bacon's bucks, the couple did indeed get back to work, and one of their first reactions, Bacon told GQ in the interview released last Tuesday, was to maintain the romance in the relationship.

"We kind of went…'Let's…I don't know. Let's have sex or something. It's free!' "

That type of behavior may be credited for Bacon and Sedgwick's lasting marriage — the couple has been married since 1988.

Today, Bacon stars in the television series "The Following," while Sedgwick scored an Emmy in 2007 for her show "The Closer" and has also stared in the series "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."