North Philly native Kevin Hart has teamed up with the United Negro College Fund to give four Philadelphia high school students $50,000 scholarships due to their "dope" academic accomplishments.

"This is me stepping up to the plate and saying what you're doing is dope," Hart said of the scholarships. "You're dope. You've got the opportunity to be the dopest of all dopetivity."

Beyond their inherent dopeness, Hart selected the scholarship recipients as a way to reward their high GPA's and alleviate some of their financial need — which he admits is a better use for the money than what he'd ordinarily do.

"My money went to a much more useful cause," Hart joked, "than what I would have been doing with it a a strip club."

The four winners of Hart's scholarships will also be flown to Atlanta for the UNCF's "An Evening of Stars" event, which will be hosted by comedic actor and Black-ish star Anthony Anderson.

BET will air "An Evening of Stars" on April 26.

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