Earlier this year, artist and mother to the venerable King of Jeans sign in East Passyunk, Angel Anderson, said she'd like to see a 'Queen of Jeans' move in since the King's been dethroned.

Now, thanks to street artist Kid Hazo and art studio South Fellini, Anderson has gotten her wish. And may God save the Queen of Jeans.

Kid Hazo and co. installed the vinyl sign at the former location of the King of Jeans in East Passyunk over the weekend, affixing it to a fence blocking the construction site. And, as part of the joke, Fellini and Hazo included a tongue-in-cheek "Coming Summer 2015!" at the bottom of the banner.

The centerpiece, though, is the above pictured kissing couple, which parodies the original King of Jeans by swapping the positions of the King and Queen to something a little more empowering.

Which, of course, is interesting because co-creators Anderson and Steve Calabrese of Uneeda Sign actually designed the original King of Jeans as an homage to the popular Patrick Nagel-inspired style of the 1980s. So, in some ways, Hazo's latest install is a homage to a homage.

Sadly, though, being as this is not an approved art install, per se, the Queen likely won't have a long a reign as the King of Jeans. So, please, go see Her Majesty while you still can.