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Meek Mill responds to Drake diss with ‘Wanna Know,’ loses

Philly’s own Meek Mill has finally responded to Drake with his own diss track dubbed “Wanna Know,” which premiered on Funkmaster Flex’s radio show Thursday night. And it ain’t pretty.

Philly's own Meek Mill has finally responded to Drake with his own diss track dubbed "Wanna Know," which premiered on Funkmaster Flex's radio show Thursday night. And it ain't pretty.

Seriously. Between nearly incoherent delivery, weak lines, and juvenile threats targeted at Drake's family, maybe it's time that Philadelphians just starting telling people Meek Mill is from Jersey.

Now, for someone who grew up perfecting his craft in Philly's infamous rap battle scene, "Wanna Know" may not exactly seem up to snuff. And thanks to lines like "you really sweet, buttercup," a Milli Vanilli reference, and the insinuation that someone once urinated on Drake in a movie theater (which, as it turns out, may be true), it really isn't. And we all had to wait a whole week to hear it.

Unfortunately for Mill, it seems like the rest of the Internet has recognized the track's shortcomings as well:

But lest the winner in this particular beef appear unclear, Mill's Wikipedia page had been changed last night to read "Weak Mill":

The target of the diss himself, Drake, didn't even seem all that upset, judging by his response to "Wanna Know" on social media:

With that, hip-hop's most hilarious beef in recent memory can hopefully come to a conclusion. And to think, it all began over Mill claiming that Drake "don't write his own raps:"

Really, though, after hearing that diss, maybe Meek ought to get a ghostwriter on the payroll, too.