On Thursday afternoon, the state attorney's office in Florida's second judicial district announced that it would not be filing sexual assault charges against Florida State quarterback and Heisman trophy hopeful Jameis Winston. In response to the announcement, @NBCsportsRadio issued what can undoubtedly be categorized as one of the most insensitive messages to ever hit the web. And this is the Internet we're talking about, so that's saying something.

Yup, that's a tweet that actually happened. It's obviously been deleted, already, and replaced with a much more reasonable message. But, that doesn't put the horrendously insensitive toothpaste back in the tube. Way to ensure that the systemic disregard of sexual assault and the glorification of America's jocks prevails regardless of controversy, @NBCSportsRadio. Good on you. [Twitter]

UPDATE: Yup. They followed that up with an apology, complete with the incorrect spelling of "insensitive" and an exclamation point to indicate that they're REALLY EXCITED ABOUT RETRACTING THAT FIRST TWEET, YOU GUYS!