Sometimes when you try to buy a birthday cake with your son's name, Adolf Hitler Campbell, on it, the whole world finds out you're a Nazi. But it looks like Easton, Pa.'s Heath Campbell doesn't care, given that he's named his newborn second child, a girl, Eva Braun.

Campbell made headlines in 2011 when Pennsylvania removed custody of his son after the whole "named after a notorious Nazi leader" thing came up. The Nazi dad has made similar headlines with daughter Eva, who the state removed from Campbell's care just two days following her birth.

But, still, the removal of his second child from his care doesn't seem to be changing any worldviews.

"Because I'm not going to mix with the opposite races and I'm not going to let my children mix, that gives them the right to steal my child?" he said in a recent interview.

Well, not exactly. According to Eva and Adolf's mother's lawyer, Campbell's "disgusting worldview" wasn't examined by the courts in Eva's case. Because, as it turns out, if the state removes one child from your care, there's a precedent set for removing any future children as well. Plus, you know, he's a Nazi.

Eva and Adolf aren't Campbell's only potential brainwashing targets, though—he reportedly has nine children by five women, but custody of none. Because, again, Nazi.

But, unfortunately for us, Campbell has a way to deal with the state's approach to his parenting style.

"I'll stop making them when they stop taking them."

Well, there's that impeccable Third Reich logic for you. And these guys believe they're the master race.