When in-flight catalog SkyMall declared bankruptcy earlier this year, the Internet floundered with worry that we finally lost our chance at picking up that pierogi ornament or jumping hot dog we always wanted. But, please, fear no longer.

New Jersey-based C&A Marketing is here to save the day, and it's serious — $1.9 million serious, which it paid for SkyMall branding at a bankruptcy auction earlier this week.

Via the LA Times:

C&A promised to save SkyMall but offered few details.

"SkyMall is a brand people are excited about," said Harry Klein, president of C&A Marketing. "Our vision for the brand is to make it relevant to today's travelers. We plan on meeting with anyone who shares that vision." 

Revenues for SkyMall fell from $33.4 million to $15.4 million in 2014, which prompted the catalog to declare bankruptcy in January of this year. As a result, SkyMall shut down Jan. 16, with execs blaming the hard times on the advent of in-flight Internet. The website, however, has remained live.

C&A apparently still believes — which seems to be part of its niche. After all, the same company pulled the Polaroid brand out of the fire in 2008, and fixed Ritz Camera & Image's bankruptcy problems in 2013.

Unfortunately, though, SkyMall's apparent rescue doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be ordering items from coach again any time soon. As the L.A. Times notes:

He suggested the SkyMall magazine might instead be distributed in airports and hotels, instead of airplanes. 

"By next year, SkyMall will be a better product," he said. "We are sticking to the roots but it will be different." 

Still, though, at least you'll be able to look forward to great (?) products like these:

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