With new sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby being made last week, one New York City street artist is demanding that Cosby "admit it" via pasted-up graffiti throughout the city.

Known as FLOOD, the street artist behind the Cosby-based graffiti re-created famous Cosby characters including Fat Albert and Mushmouth Marvin holding signs that read, "Hey, Hey Hey, Bill, Just Admit It!" and "Hey Ba Bill Just Ubah Admit It!" respectively.

The result is a sort of bizzaro public morality plea, with the very characters Cosby helped create telling him to essentially own up to a scandal that has dogged him for some time. Consequently, FLOOD's work appears earnest and bitter, demanding a clear response in the face of repeated non answers.

FLOOD, however, is not the first artist to take on the allegations against Cosby. Most recently, young sculptor Rodman Edwards proposed a statue that mixed Cosby with Fat Albert for a particularly disturbing effect

Cosby, it should be noted, has never been charged with a crime regarding the sexual assault allegations against him. He has issued repeated denials through his reps.

Check out FLOOD's Cosby graffiti below:

A photo posted by FLOOD (@floodclub) on Feb 5, 2015 at 5:39pm PST