As the world continues to mourn the loss of hitchBOT, the hitchhiking robot, at least one Philadelphian — viral YouTube star Ed Bassmaster — has already trolled the entire situation.

Bassmaster, who is known for his genius prank videos, actually appeared on 6ABC's newscast regarding hitchBOT's death alongside fellow YouTube star Jesse Wellens, though you might not be able to tell by the name he was listed under: Always Teste:

"Bunch of crumbs," Bassmaster-as-Teste tells 6ABC. "Why you gonna do that? I mean, what did the robot do to anybody, know what I'm saying?"

Teste, for the uninitiated, is one of Bassmaster's most beloved characters, thanks to his expert-level man-on-the-street pranks filmed in character all over Philly. And, of course, Bassmaster fans noticed almost immediately:

Perhaps, though, 6ABC should have noted how familiar that Teste character seemed. Bassmaster, after all, also appeared in Wellens' initial tweets detailing his discovery of hitchBOT. Though, admittedly, the guy is great at staying in character.

Roboticists at Ryerson University, hitchBOT's creators, meanwhile, have since pulled the plug on the hitchhiking robot's first American tour following Saturday's attack.