You've probably heard Philly street performer Anthony Riley belting out songs before at Reading Terminal Market or Rittenhouse Square, but last night, the world got to hear him on The Voice. And with Riley earning one of the fastest four-chair turns in the show's history, it appears they liked what they heard.

Just seconds after breaking into James Brown's "I Got You (I Feel Good)," Riley had all four judges reaching for their buttons to swing their chairs and see him perform in the flesh.

Out of the gate, Blake Shelton appeared to have the most forward pitch for Riley, but Christina Aguilera wasn't far behind with the promise that the pair would "do magical things together." Adam Levine, for his part, stood up and turned on the charm, as per usual.

"Adam wants to completely change you. Pharrell and Christina, that would be like mixing water with water. I would be like putting whiskey in your water," Shelton told Riley.

That folksy analogy didn't work on Riley, though, and he ultimately signed up with Pharrell Williams, who described the singer's act as "electric."

But then, as Philadelphians, many of us knew that last part already. Go get 'em, Anthony.