Ian Khama, the president of Botswana, got too close to a caged cheetah at a national Defence Force barracks last week and received a whack in the face from the big cat.

The cheetah managed to get its claws into Khama's skin, requiring him to get two stitches. According to the BBC, other government officials think this is NBD.

"The incident 'a freak accident, but not an attack', government spokesman Jeff Ramsay told local media.

"Mr Khama's injuries were minor and there were 'no real security implications', the official added.

"The incident is said to have happened very fast, catching the president and his bodyguard by surprise.

"'He was scratched by a cheetah but not really attacked per se,' said Mr Ramsay."

Maybe I'm just speaking from a position of First World privilege, where the biggest, scariest animal I have to deal with is the raccoon rooting through my trashcan, but if a large, wild animal that can out run pretty much everything you throw at it scratches you, that sounds like an attack and maybe a sign that you shouldn't keep said animals in places where heads of state stick their faces. [BBC]