BusinessWeek columnist Liz Ryan recently admitted that she met her husband at work (gasp!). In an effort to pull back the veil on the seedy underbelly of office romances, Business Insider proceeded to conduct a survey to discern how people feel about the idea of having sex with their co-workers. And, more than 2,500 responses later, it turns out that just about everyone's cool with it.

More than 80-percent of people indicated that they think co-workers should be allowed to have sex. Even more said they'd be down if they didn't directly work with the person. More than that, nearly everyone who responded said that people should not have to notify HR if they have sex with a co-worker. Oh, and more than 80 percent of responders said that they had dreamed about having sex with a colleague.

That last part probably has something to do with the fact that people wear business socks to work and, obviously, business socks indicate that it's business time, oooh. [Business Insider]