Author Susan Patton told CNN's Carol Costello that most rapes on college campuses are actually just sexual encounters that young women regret in the morning.

Patton, aka Princeton Mom, said, "We're now identifying as rape what really is a clumsy hookup melodrama," as opposed to rape at weapon-point. She emphasized, "There's rape and there's rape," implying some reported rapes aren't rape at all.

Costello, who was obviously uncomfortable with Patton's comments, asked, "If your daughter gets horribly drunk and a man takes advantage of her sexually, and she's passed out drunk…she deserves it…?" However, Patton explained that what she was saying is that women should "stay sober enough" to leave a situation that may be going the wrong direction.

When asked why she was advocating women change their behavior instead of teaching men not to rape, Patton replied, "We could teach burglars not to steal, but better advice: Lock your door."