The irony of the "Saturday Night Live" sketch about cutting a St. Louis newscast for time to avoid talking about the crisis in Ferguson, MO would suggest that it was cut for time from the "SNL" television broadcast to avoid talking about the crisis in Ferguson, MO.

Relegated to YouTube, the "Cut For Time: Morning News" sketch features a mock news broadcast taking place in the greater St. Louis area, complete with an uncomfortably cheerful news prompt. Despite the happy, inclusive jingle—"Get up start your day-hay-hay, in the cheerful St. Louis way! From Chesterfield, to Ferguson…"—the newscasters, played by Keenan Thompson and Cecily Strong, can't seem to avoid making racially charged Freudian slips.

Don't worry, though. True to "SNL" form, the politically comedic television program still managed to address some hard-hitting national issues like Kim Kardashian's infamous Paper Magazine photo shoot and Allison Williams' "Peter Pan" portrayal.