The people in Gaza are pining for the great taste of the Colonel's delicious fried chicken, but, sadly, there aren't any KFC's readily available. Luckily, the Colonel's El Arish location in Egypt operates just 35 miles away and Khalil Efrangi and his small shop, Yamama, offer smuggling services to Palestinians in desperate need of a KFC Famous Bowl and a side of slaw.

So after Mr. Efrangi brought some KFC back from El Arish for friends last month, he was flooded with requests. A new business was born.

"I accepted this challenge to prove that Gazans can be resilient despite the restrictions," Mr. Efrangi said.

In the past few weeks, Mr. Efrangi has coordinated four deliveries totaling about 100 meals, making about $6 per meal in profit. He promotes the service on Yamama's Facebook page, and whenever there is a critical mass of orders — usually 30 — he starts a complicated process of telephone calls, wire transfers and coordination with the Hamas government to get the chicken from there to here.

If you want to read more about the tunnel/smuggling situation along the Gaza borders and how it pertains to the spread of the Colonel's lovely offerings, check out the full piece at The New York Times.