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Snooki drank vodka before wedding to calm her nerves

In case you missed it, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Jionni LaValle got married over the weekend in Garfield, N.J.

The MTV reality star went for a Great Gatsby-themed wedding and splurged for two wedding dresses: a traditional dress for the church and a "party dress" for the reception.

In her podcast 'Naturally Nicole,' she explains how amazing, beautiful and perfect her day was but says she needed some vodka to ease her nerves, which is totally understandable.

"I was nervous; I had to have a little vodka. I was like, 'Where's my vodka? I need my nerves to calm down.'"

Don't let that fool you, she says. She did not get drunk at the wedding because she was busy running around talking to people, dancing, and having a good time. She left the craziness for the after-party, she said.

"At the after party, don't get me wrong, we got drunk. I did shots in my track suit, I had a good time. The only thing that was cool was I broke my shoe."

Classic Snooki.

Despite her amazing fairytale wedding, she also wanted to clear up any rumors that she didn't pay for any of her wedding.

"Everyone saying that everything was for free is bulls---. I wish everything was for free! I mean, even though that my wedding's gonna be on 'Snooki & JWow,' I'm still a person. I still have to pay for s---. I'm not Kim Kardashian."

There you have it, so don't get it twisted.

Listen to the full podcast here, if you dare.