Over at New York magazine's The Cut, first-person accounts of relationships, horrifying tales from the single life, revealing experiences from female masturbation classes, and a slew of other interesting anecdotes keep the Internet reveling in what other people are willing to reveal about themselves and the people they date/marry/have casual sex with.

Most recently, associate editor Molly Fischer was kind enough to reveal that she "met" her boyfriend through Craigslist's "Missed Connections" section. Largely, this portion of Craigslist is reserved for creepy guys recounting tales of creeping on women at convenience stores. Seriously, search the Philly page for "Wawa" and you'll get 100 entries since the beginning of November.

Ocassionally, though, there's a spark in the dark, vacancy of "Missed Connections." Like that story written by that guy where all the time passes while he waits on the train debating whether or not he should talk to a woman. Or the one where that guy wrote about getting snowed in with a woman who had gotten lost in Manhattan on Thanksgiving Eve, like, a million years earlier. Sometimes these things are fake, but they're beautifully entertaining none the less.

On The Cut, Fischer recounts the tale of meeting her boyfriend of three years in a bookstore back in 2010. She talks about making eye contact while trying to appear as though she wasn't making eye contact and says she felt like a spy, following the random guy up 14th Street and onto the subway.

But, it appears it was all worth it...

Anyway, the next night, I found this:

Girl with a Granta bag - m4w (East Village)

Yesterday at almost ten we were in the bookstore, each carrying a bag from a literary magazine. Then we rode the L train together. We made a lot of eye contact, which was nice. Craigslist remains weird; who are you? 

"Hi!" I wrote. "I'm Molly. Who are you?" 

See? The world is a wonderful place and everyone's story is different. [The Cut]