The trouble continues for upcoming Kevin Hart comedy The Wedding Ringer this week with Sony's cancellation of a press junket to promote the film following the ongoing leak of documents and emails that began last month.

Initially set to start Sunday, the junket was intended to give reporters a closer look at the forthcoming Screen Gems movie. However, Screen Gems, which belongs to Sony Pictures Entertainment, announced over the weekend that the junket would be postponed to a later date. SPE, of course, was targeted last month by hacking group Guardians of Peace and suffered a leak that could be as large as 11,000 gigabytes in size.

According to the New York Daily News, the junket was pushed back in order to guarantee that the press could "focus on the movie" rather than the email leak that has befallen SPE.

Hart's name initially came up in the Sony leaks last week when it came to light that Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper referred to Hart as a "whore" in an email for wanting more money to promote his movies via social media. Hart responded to Culpepper's comments shortly after they leaked, saying that "I'm able to brush ignorance off of my should and continue to move forward" in an Instagram post.

Despite the snags The Wedding Ringer has run into in the wake of the Sony leak, it is slated for a Jan. 16, 2015 release. No word yet about the junket's rescheduling.

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