Fans of The Victor Cafe in South Philly may have noticed the beloved restaurant rocking a new look lately—one that appears a lot like Adrian's, the restaurant featured in 2006's Rocky Balboa. Which is, of course, because it is.

Rocky spinoff Creed has been filming here in Philly for the past few weeks, most recently working their magic on Victor's Cafe to turn it back into Adrian's — Twitter display name included, as Philly Eater points out. And with Victor Cafe having served as Adrian's for the filming of Rocky Balboa about 10 years ago, hopefully it wasn't too much work.

News of Victor Cafe's transformation actually began breaking last week, with reports of the Adrian's awning install emerging on Friday. As it turns out, the restaurant remained open for service over the holiday weekend before closing to the public during filming on Monday, with one diner telling OnLocationVacations that the experience was "amazing":

According to one of our readers, Greg, who was there for dinner over the weekend, "There is a nice picture of Adrian at the host/hostess area." He also said, "The entire restaurant was decorated with boxing photos and a lot of them contained Rocky and Apollo Creed. The dining experience was amazing."

The Greater Philadelphia Film Office indicates that the crew of Creed will be filming at Victor's Cafe through Thursday afternoon, according to the Passyunk Post. So, you know, maybe pick another restaurant to fulfill your opera and red gravy needs for now.

This, however, is not the first time Victor Cafe has been touched by the Creed project this time around. Sylvester Stallone, in fact, stopped by for dinner a few weeks ago: