Here in the Philadelphia area, we love Wawa. But, as it turns out, so does the rest of the country, with one recent study showing that it is America's favorite convenience store — even if it doesn't have beer yet.

The study, conducted by Market Force Information, polled 7,000 shoppers to get its rankings. And in technical terms, Wawa's "composite loyalty score" landed them up top with a total of 68 percent, which stands just above several other regional chains.

QuikTrip, based out of Oklahoma, nabbed the second-place spot with 62 percent, and Sheetz came in third with 59 percent. With that, it appears we can let the argument die: Wawa is better than Sheetz, and that's just science.

And don't even bring up Royal Farms, because it wasn't on the list. At all.

Wawa also took the number-one spot on Market Force's fresh food category, with its hoagies, breakfast sandwiches, sides, and other items giving it a leg up. Though, Wawa's pizza probably didn't help too much.

Despite the clear preference for Wawa, it wasn't all a loss for Sheetz — it managed to tie Wawa for first in ratings for coffee. Wawa, however, beat Sheetz out for first in brand reputation.

So, Philadelphia, rejoice and know that when you go out to buy a pack of cigarettes and some chocolate milk at 3 a.m., you're getting it from America's favorite place for the task. They'll take good care of you there.