In 2013, there are two types of people, really: those who take pictures of themselves making faces in the mirror and those who make fun of people who take pictures of themselves making faces in the mirror. But, whatever your stance on selfies might be, it's undeniable that the phenomenon has become a staple of social media culture.

And, whether you're posting your own hot dog legs photo or laughing at Dom Brown's shirtless bathroom photo shoots, the Moving Picture Contemporary Art Fair in London has taken on the burden of reminding us all of the cultural relevance of the modern-day self-portrait.

The recently unveiled National #Selfie Gallery features two screens that show 30-second selfie films in rotation.

"Self-portraiture is the most democratic creative medium available," the installation's curators Kyle Chyaka and Marina Galpernia explain, "both as a performative outlet for the social self and as an intimate vehicle of personal catharsis, for artists and non-artists alike." [The Atlantic]

They didn't mention Kim K's butt tweet, though, so the whole exhibit is probably a sham.