According to the Internet, Tila Tequila is still a person and now she's a Hitler sympathizer. The former queen of MySpace is trending on Twitter thanks to a series of Facebook posts indicating that she's a Nazi, now.

If you've blocked out all memory of Tequila's existence, she's an author (seriously), reality television star, model, musician, businesswoman, actress (kind of), adult film star, and obnoxious person who had a brief moment of hyper relevance when Paris Hilton still had a TV show.

Animal New York details Tequila's recent alleged Nazi turn and highlights her supposed conspiracy theories, which include the suggestion that Fast & Furious star Paul Walker was murdered. Obviously, there are a number of Illuminati references, too.

This morning, erstwhile American hero Tila Tequila posted a badly photoshopped picture to Facebook. In it, she holds a pistol in her right hand, with her left on her hip, as the apparent light of God pours out of the cloudy sky behind her. She's wearing a red swastika armband and the unmistakable cap of the SS uniform. She's standing in front of Auschwitz.

While no one was looking, two years after her apparent conversion to Judaism, Tila Tequila has reached perhaps what was the only possible conclusion to her trajectory: as an incoherent, Hitler-sympathizing, Illuminati-evangelizing, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist.

Whether Tequila has been hacked, decided to adopt ridiculously offensive points of view to troll the Internet and accumulate views/listens, or simply lost the plot remains to be seen. But, for now, you can cruise on over to this website to gawk at all the alleged crazy.

Fingers crossed that we get to poke fun at Tequila's inevitable profile on Alex Jones' truthers dating site. [Animal New York]