If you're a Friday Night Lights fan, you should sit down before reading on because clear eyes and a full heart won't help brace you for the news that Tim Riggins will never be in the rumored film that's supposedly, possibly, probably not, but, still, maybe going continue the Dillon Panthers storyline. Actor Taylor Kitsch—mostly known for his role as Riggins and the behemoth atrocity that was John Carter—spoke with Vulture's Kyle Buchanan to discuss a forthcoming Navy SEAL film, Lone Survivor, and his AIDS epidemic film The Normal Heart.

During the interview, Buchanan and Kitsch discuss the effort that goes into changing body types for a role and whether or not his string of character appearances is in any way a response to the box office disappointment that came with last year's John Carter and Battleship. Then, at the end of the interview, Buchanan brings up Friday Night Lights and the  potential film when Kitsch cuts him off to make something clear...

People still talk about the idea of a Friday Night Lights movie, and—
I'll just say no. [Slams fist on table.] No, period. I'm not doing it. I'm never gonna be in that movie. There was already a movie! And the show ended f***in' spot-on. We're good.

So, that's settled. Sad face. If you're looking to read up on what Kitsch has been up to, be sure to check out the rest of the interview. Be warned that he's got an affinity for four-letter words, though. [Vulture]