A 40-year-old Bridlington, East Yorkshire man is obsessed with Miley Cyrus to the point that he's covered his arms and torso with tattoos of her face and lyrics. A bright red "Bangerz" piece is sprawled out across Carl McCoid's back, while Cyrus' mug occupies each of his shoulders.

McCoid owns his own ironing business and adamantly assures that his, um, fixation... didn't contribute to the demise of his marriage.

After collecting photographs and watching interviews with her since 2009, Carl McCoid, 40, has had 22 portraits, lyrics and quotes from the star inked onto his arms, torso, hands, and leg.

Mr McCoid insists his obsession with the popstar did not contribute to the break up of his marriage in 2011 but told the Sun his wife thought his interest in the Hannah Montana star was 'a bit weird'.

A bit weird might not quite cover it. For what it's worth, Miley's caught wind of McCoid's obsession and said it made her feel "creeped." Ya think? [Daily Mail]