Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul recently lent a hand in a lavish marriage proposal after a Chicago man donated to Paul's wife's charity. Jason Lord made a donation to Paul's wife charity, which earned him a personalized video message from the Breaking Bad actor.

Lord decided to use the message as a part of his elaborate plan to propose to his girlfriend, Jackie Prater.

One of the first dates Lord and Prater went on had the pair singing a duet version of Mr. Big's "To Be With You."

So, Lord rounded up a bunch of friends and formed a band, as one is wont to do when trying to go over-the-top with a marriage proposal, and queued up Paul's message for the end of their performance for Jackie.

As far as lavish, viral wedding proposals go, this one is a little less insufferable than the others simply because Aaron Paul is that wonderful.

Click here to watch the video. [h/t Uproxx]