Comedian Tom Mabe has a friend who's managed to accumulate five DUIs. Purportedly in an effort to scare the guy out of committing a sixth, Mabe enlisted the help of some folks to pull a prank on his buddy. They turned an empty office into a hospital room, complete with the mechanical bed and the flat-screen television. When Mabe's buddy passed out drunk in his truck, they put him in a hospital gown and transported him to made-up room.

When the guy wakes up from his stupor, there's a "nurse" checking on him. She sends in the doctor to inform the man that he's been in a coma for 10 years. A fake news report comes on the TV complete with ridiculous fake information from the future, including Justin Bieber's homosexual relationship and Miley Cyrus' slew of problems.

Eventually, Mabe (literally) slaps the hell out of his friend and lets him in on the joke before yelling at him about his terrible and dangerous drunk driving habit. [h/t Uproxx]

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