The National Transportation Safety Board has released video footage of Asiana Flight 214 crash landing that occurred in San Francisco back in July. In addition to the deaths and injuries sustained during the ordeal, fallout from the flight has included an examination of whether or not modern pilots are too reliant on technology when trying to fly.

Capt. Lee Kang Kuk, who was highly experienced in a Boeing 747 but was transitioning to flying a 777, told the National Transportation Safety Board that he found it "very stressful, very difficult" to land without the glideslope indicator that helps pilots determine whether the plane is too high or too low during approach.

"Asked whether he was concerned about his ability to perform the visual approach while piloting Asiana Flight 214, he said 'very concerned, yea,'" the safety board revealed at a hearing on Wednesday on its investigation into the July 6 crash that killed three people and injured more than 180 others.

The new footage released shows the violent nature of the crash, as you can see the plan tumble down the runway off in the distance.

CNN has a full report on the ongoing investigation and a detailed of the moments just before impact, as the pilot and crew tried to correct for a speed problem and abort the landing. [CNN]

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