Jennifer Lawrence proved once again this winter that she's No.1 at the box office and No. 1 in our hearts. The actress brought Katniss Everdeen back to the big screen with Hunger Games: Catching Fire and is heating up awards talk (again) with her impressive turn in David O. Russel's American Hustle.

So, with all of the buzz surrounding her (again) this holiday season, it only makes sense that Lawrence would go on Conan and tell the world about her box of sex toys.

Seriously, Conan had Lawrence on last night and she recounted the tale of that one time she hid a box of butt-plugs under her bed (as a joke, you guys) in her hotel room and went out. By the time she returned to her room, someone—presumably the maid—had gone into the box, taken out all of the toys, and arranged them on the dresser like it was a modern art masterpiece.

How can you not be in love with this woman? [Team Coco]

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