Chances are that this miserable weather on a Monday between Thanksgiving and Christmas has you staring at the clock and counting down the seconds until it's quittin' time this weekend.

Rebecca Black is still a person, apparently, and her latest offering atrocity will certainly make you reconsider your affinity for the weekend.

Black broke the Internet years ago with her viral sensation "Friday." Now, she's bludgeoning that dead horse with a follow-up single called—you guessed it—"Saturday."

The irritating beat, the crappy acting, the doo-doo rhymes... Rebecca Black is back to prove that she's still as insufferable and untalented as she was when we last remembered that she was a person who exited.

Of course the video has accumulated more than 8,000,000 views in a day, though. Sometimes the Internet makes me sad.

Click here to watch the video. Or don't.