A mother of four from Nebraska recently set a Guinness World Record when she ate a 72-oz. steak in under three minutes. Molly Schuyler went to Sayler's Old Country Kitchen in Oregon to try their 72oz. Steak Challenge. At the beginning of the video, someone off-frame explains that approximately 1,500 people have attempted the challenge and only 500 succeeded. Of those 500 successful suitors, only 10 were women.

The previous record for that specific challenge was longer than 12 minutes. The world record was six minutes and change. Schuyler finished the entire steak in 2:44, thus shattering both of those marks.

Schuyler is a competitive eater who got into the scene a year or so ago.

"(It's) an unexplained phenomenon; I was just born that way. I started doing this about a year ago, and I guess it's like a stupid human trick," Schuyler said.

As a child, Schuyler remembers going all out at the buffet with her siblings.

"We did that so much as kids, we kind of battled it out," she said. "We've always ate big." [KPTV, h/t Reddit]

In case you were wondering, Molly Schuyler has already qualified to compete in this year's Wing Bowl 22. She made it in by eating nine pounds of cottage cheese in under two minutes.

She also made a local appearance, recently, when she set another world record at Kennett Square's Mushroom Festival.

Click here to watch the video.