Golden Corral—the chain of buffet restaurants most-frequented by people who didn't want to drive the extra 10 minutes to get to Old Country Buffet—is dealing with a PR nightmare after a video of one of their employees started making the rounds on the Internet this week.

Brandon Huber is a cook at the Golden Corral restaurant in Port Orange, Florida. He recently filmed a video from his place of employ, claiming that the restaurant's management had wheeled loads of unprepared food out to the dumpster area during a health inspection.

The video—shot vertically, in true selfie style—shows Huber walking out to the restaurant's dumpster area and pointing out that a bunch of uncooked meat and pans filled with food are resting inches from the dumpster.

"Apparently, what my company likes to do to get ready for inspections is to put their food out by the dumpsters. So, I'm outside. Here's the dumpster area. I'm walking into it right now. And this is what my company likes to do with their food for inspection. It's hamburger meat. Look at all these flies. It's disgusting. All this food. All these baby back ribs. To me, this is disgusting."

Golden Corral: Help yourself to happiness. And all-you-can-eat ribs... by the dumpster.

The person who uploaded the video to YouTube claims to have alerted Golden Corral corporate, but says that everything seems to lead to a dead end.

its been over a week now since this has been brought to corporate attention, I contacted the volusia county health dept..... they dont handle it.... they gave me a number and a persons name..... said to ask for them in person...... the operator didnt know who i was talkin about and didnt seem to care

Since the video has started to go viral, Golden Corral has issued a statement on its Facebook page denying wrongdoing and announcing that they fired the manager of the Port Orange restaurant.

As they're wont to do, Redditors are currating all of the information they can about Golden Corral and the incident in Port Orange. They've got a follow-up video, past health issues at other Golden Corral locations, and a bunch of other links pertaining to the situation. [h/t Reddit]