Besides nearly breaking up Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence for good, the works of Vincent Van Gogh have captured an inspirational essence and provided artists, historians, experts, Thomas Crown, and laymen the world over with something beautiful to get lost in while pondering their own existence.

Now, thanks to Italian artist Luca Agnani and the magic of 3D animation, those infamous works of art have brought to life. People eating. Smoke billowing. Waves waving.

Although an initial glance incites a flashback to (cherished) Sony Playstation video games circa 2000, continued inspection suggests Agnani developed a sympathetic relationship with Van Gogh's characters, buildings, and ambience before bringing them to life. In other words, he stuck to the truth. The marrow of each piece is still there, just with 21st century spin. You can tell, especially when looking at his interpretation of Factories at Asnieres, Seen from the Quai de Clichy, that this was no pedestrian project.

Check out the fruit of Agnani's labor below. The video features a slew of Van Gogh's works and paces through them to Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi's lovely "Experience." [The Creator's Project]